How to Fundraise Without All That Sugar


That moment when during a sports game, maybe after your sporty super child is taking a break, when you stroll over to the table where money is for fundraising can be jarring. We don’t blame you. That current selection of sugar laden, junk food muck is enough to make you flinch when you hand over your money (and it just might make your sporty super child’s stomach flinch too).

That is why we are changing things up by turning your sports teams fundraising into a money making, nutrition filling, environmental saving, and superhero helping machine – sounds big but is all true, and here is how to do it.

Recovery Water is a method of fundraising that delivers back one hundred percent (yes it is true) profit back to your team. That means that after covering a minimal cost, all of the profit goes back to you.

Children are eating and drinking way too many sugary things. Since our water is pure and clean, it does exactly what athletes need: hydrates muscles to help with aches and boots cognition for better played games.

That regular plastic bottle you just bought? Yeah, it will take 1000 years to break down in the ocean. Our bottles, should they end up there can take 10. We use a revolutionary new material that is recyclable and biodegradable. No more bad karma worries with Recovery Water.

We checked and found out that Australia’s superheros are thirsty after a hard day of working. Battling fire and saving lives, we know that you love how Recovery Water gives one bottle to a fire fighter every time one is sold.

So basically by just doing some fundraising, you are getting to be a game changer with Recovery Water. How we think about it is that in your own way, you get to become a leader for a lot of cutting edge, important issues that actually benefit you too. Contact us, and we can get you started within just a few days. We don’t have a cape to give you, but we do generously give our high fives to our community of Fundraiser Superheros.